Student - Athlete Advisory Committee

Farmingdale State College

Student-Athlete Advisory Committee - S.A.A.C.


Contact Information

Advisor: Kristy Nix, Head Women's Volleyball Coach / Life Skills Coordinator
Phone: 934-420-5219


  • The committee is composed of two (or more) student-athletes from each of our 18 Intercollegiate sports at Farmingdale State.
  • Coaches nominate athletes who will be willing to serve on the committee. The committee will then elect members of the SAAC Board - a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

President - Speaks for and represents the committee as a whole. Represents the student-athletes at the Intercollegiate Athletic Board meetings.

Vice President - Assumes President's responsibilities when he/she is absent. Represents the student-athletes at the Intercollegiate Athletic Board meetings

Secretary - Records time/information of meetings; notifies members of meeting dates.

Treasurer - Responsible for tracking any funds raised or spent by SAAC.


  • Meetings will be held monthly, during the academic year, to discuss fundraisers, community service, and any issues or concerns of student-athletes. The committee or advisor, if necessary, can call additional meetings when needed.
  • Meetings will be held on Tuesdays or Thursdays at 11:00 am at the Nold Athletic Complex.


The purpose of the Farmingdale State SAAC is...

  1. To represent the views and ideas of our student-athletes.
  2. To provide communication between the student-athletes and the administration.
  3. To bring unity among sport teams.
  4. To encourage more student-athlete involvement on campus and within the community, in order to display a positive image of our student-athletes.


Attend all meetings
Speak for represented team
Keep team updated on SAAC functions and fundraisers
Suggest new issues and ideas at meetings
Attend home games/matches


Failure to meet responsibilities can lead to dismissal of membership.

Issues are voted upon, one vote per member, and the decision will be based on majority. If the vote is split, the Board will make the final decision.


** FSC S.A.A.C **