Rams Visit Today Show for National Athletic Training Month

- Rams Visit Today Show Plaza -

New York, N.Y. - Over 200 athletic trainers and athletic training students from 10 athletic training programs throughout New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware met at the Today Show in NYC on February 28th to celebrate the launch of the 14th annual National Athletic Training Month.

This year’s theme is: "We’ve Got Your Back." Athletic trainers held signs bearing statements about the profession of athletic training including: “Athletic Trainers are Experts, Athletic Trainers Save Lives, Not All Athletes Wear Jerseys, Athletic Trainers Take Responsibility and Lower Risk”. With the increasing awareness of sports related injuries, including but not limited to concussions, sudden death and heat related illness, it is important to recognize that having an athletic trainer at all sporting events is essential in saving the lives of athletes.

Athletic trainers make valuable contributions to the health and safety of athletes across the nation. By appearing at The Today Show Plaza we hope to familiarize the general public with our skills as health care experts throughout the United States.

Below are some pics from the event, including Farmingdale State student-athletes and our Assistant Athletic Trainer, Jessica Dautner.