Our Philosophy


Athletic Training Commitment

The FSC sports medicine department is committed to providing comprehensive, high-quality medical services to every student-athlete. On-site medical services include, but are not limited to, prevention, evaluation and treatment of injuries and illnesses, rehabilitation services, pre-participation exams, nutritional counseling, psychological counseling, and drug education and counseling.

All athletic training, student/athlete medical information and policies are governed by the HIPAA guidelines (describes how medical information may be used and whom may have permission to view it). http://www.hhs.gov 

Our Sports Medicine team is comprised of a team physician, an emergency medical technician, certified and licensed athletic trainers, orthopedic consultants, dieticians and other health care professionals at the College and in the surrounding medical community. Our staff is responsible for more than 340 student-athletes at FSC competing in 18 NCAA Division III sports.



The FSC sports medicine staff provides care to the student-athletes, including injuries, illnesses, rehabilitation and/or other issues affecting one’s physical or mental status. They provide health and wellness, prevention and conditioning programs for student athletes. The sports medicine team provides a comprehensive referral source of a variety of specially trained physicians, neurologists, cardiologists, etc. A list of these referral services is kept in the athletic training room.



The athletic trainers at FSC are licensed and regulated under the rules and regulations by the New York State Education Department, office of Professional Medical Conduct. “Athletic trainers work under the supervision of licensed physicians to provide services to individuals who have suffered athletic injuries.”

*Section 8352 of New York State Education Law defines the practice of the profession of athletic training as: "the application of principles, methods and procedures for managing athletic injuries/illnesses, which shall include the preconditioning, conditioning and reconditioning of an individual who has suffered an athletic injury through the use of appropriate preventative and supportive devices, under the supervision of a physician. Athletic training includes instructions to coaches, athletes, parents, medical personnel and communities in the area of care and prevention of athletic injuries. The scope of work described herein shall not be construed as authorizing the reconditioning of neurologic injuries, conditions or disease."