Why Choose Division III?

Division III Logo

NCAA Division III Mission Statement: To govern competition in a fair, safe, equitable and sportsmanlike manner, and to integrate intercollegiate athletics into higher education so that the educational experience of the student-athlete is paramount.

Follow your passions and discover your potential.  The college experience is a time of learning and growth - a chance to follow passions and develop potential.  For student-athletes in Division III, all of this happens most importantly in the classroom and through earning an academic degree.  The Division III experience provides for passionate participation in a competitive athletic environment, where student-athletes push themselves to excellence and build upon their academic success with new challenges and life skills.  And student-athletes are encouraged to pursue the full spectrum of opportunities available during their time in college.  In this way, Division III provides an integrated environment for student-athletes to take responsibility for their own paths, follow their passions and find their potential through a comprehensive educational experience.

Six Attributes of Division III
  1. Proportion: Appropriate relation of academics with opportunities to pursue athletics and other passions
  2. Comprehensive Learning: Opportunity for broad-based education and success
  3. Passion: Playing for the love of the game, competition, fun and self-improvement
  4. Responsibility: Development of accountability through personal commitment and choices
  5. Sportsmanship: Fair and respectful conduct toward all participants and supporters
  6. Citizenship: Dedication to developing responsible leaders and citizens in our communities

Benefits of Division III:

  • Student-athletes continue to compete in a highly competitive athletic program and retain the full spectrum of college life - Focus on academic achievement while graduating with a comprehensive education that builds skills beyond the classroom
  • Access financial aid for college without the obligations of an athletic scholarship
  • Opportunities to play more than one sport
  • Be responsible for your own path, discover potential through opportunities to pursue many interests
  • Academics are the primary focus for student-athletes.  Shorter practices and playing seasons, no redshirting and regional competition minimize time away from their academic studies and keep student-athletes on a path to graduation.
  • Student-athletes are integrated on campus and treated like all other members of the general student-body, keeping them focused on being a student first.
  • Participation in athletics provides valuable "life lessons" for student-athletes (teamwork, discipline, perseverance, leadership, etc) which often translates into becoming a better student and more responsible citizen.
  • Division III institutions develop student-athlete potential through a comprehensive educational approach - Division III institutions offer athletics for the educational value and benefit to the student-athlete, not for the purpose of revenue generation and entertainment.
  • Student-athletes do not receive monetary incentive to play sports but rather participate for the love of the game.

Reasons to Believe in Division III

  1. Comprehensive educational experience.
  2. Integrated campus environment.
  3. Academic focus.
  4. Available financial aid.
  5. Competitive athletic programs.
  6. National championship opportunities.
  7. Commitment to athletics participation.