Senior Spotlight: Nicole Ferguson

Nicole Ferguson follow-through after returning ball
Nicole Ferguson

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the cancellation of the spring season, the Farmingdale State Athletic Department is spotlighting senior student-athletes during this unprecedented time.

Nicole Ferguson, a Criminal Justice major, is a four-sport athlete at Farmingdale State competing in women's tennis, cross country, indoor track and outdoor track.


Describe your experience as a student-athlete at Farmingdale State?
Being an athlete at Farmingdale State proved itself to be the greatest experience for me. It introduced me to so many influential people and provided me with an outlet to escape all while improving myself both on the court, track and mentally. I know that the friends I made will be forever and the bonds formed with coaches will also remain. It was so rewarding and I am blessed and grateful that I was able to be a part of something so special.


What was your favorite moment of being a student-athlete at FSC?
My favorite memory has to be from my past tennis season. We worked harder than I think we ever had and it truly showed. We got to host the Skyline Conference Championship and I knew how badly I wanted to win and how much extra time I put into achieving something great. Being the person to secure the win and have us get the opportunity to go to Nationals was the most incredible feeling. At that point, I knew all of my hard work and dedication was worth it, everyone was ecstatic and we got to celebrate what being a part of a team is really about.


What made you choose Farmingdale State College?
I chose Farmingdale because it had my major of course. But I also chose it because after visiting I knew it would become a home away from home. Everyone was so friendly and the coaches and staff were welcoming. The programs and clubs they offered were attractive and I knew that I would get a great education while having a (responsibly) great time.


What advice would you give to incoming freshmen about college athletics and Farmingdale State?
The best advice I could give is to step out of your comfort zone, completely. I think the second you start fully believing in yourself you will be able to achieve so much more than you ever could have imagined. Also, time management is a skill to not take for granted. I can tell with my full heart that it is hard but again, if you want something bad enough you will do everything in your will to achieve that. So never give up the fight no matter how hard it gets.


What have you learned throughout your time at Farmingdale?
I think most importantly I learned how to love myself more and learn my worth as well as the worth of others. There is so much culture on campus that if you stop and look it is truly incredible. I learned about people, their history, and then had the honor of learning about that history in the classroom. Farmingdale is a place where if you stop and look around you realize how much you are given and how much you can grow in every aspect.


What was your favorite college experience outside of athletics?
My favorite college experience outside of athletics would definitely be the downtime of being able to hang out with friends. Things end but memories last forever. It was and is still so important to me to live life to its fullest with people who have the same ambitions and passions as me. Memories give the ability for us to appreciate and understand how blessed we are to have experienced such wonderful things. For example, this semester didn't end how I would've imagined it to but my memories of what I had while at Farmingdale State allowed me to reminisce and really see how lucky I was to have what I did.


What do you plan on doing after Farmingdale State? Do you have any post-graduation plans yet?
After Farmingdale State, in my head the road is still a little twisty and fogged. I'm not certain where I'm going yet but the fog always lifts so I know it'll become clearer with time. For now I am taking civil service tests; I have already taken the Suffolk County exam and am about to take the Court Officer exam. So we'll see how that goes!