Senior Spotlight: Muhammad Daud

Muhammad Daud competing in hurdles
Muhammad Daud

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the cancellation of the spring season, the Farmingdale State Athletic Department is spotlighting senior student-athletes during this unprecedented time.

Muhammad Daud is a Computer Programming major and a member of both the indoor and outdoor track teams at Farmingdale State.


Describe your experience as a student-athlete at Farmingdale State?

Being a student-athlete at Farmingdale State College was a magnificent moment which seemed like it would never end. It is challenging to be a student-athlete because it takes a great amount of commitment. Waking up early, commuting and being responsible made me a better person and taught me a great lesson. I had one of the best coaches and friends in the world who taught me how to be strong and a competitor. I am grateful to have been a part of this team.


What was your favorite moment of being a student-athlete at FSC?

My favorite moment was finishing third in my event at the 2019 Skyline Conference Championship and also winning the Skyline as a team back-to-back years. It takes a lot of hard work to win the Skyline but to do it back-to-back was amazing. Never the less, being with my coaches and friends was one of my favorite moments.


What made you choose Farmingdale State College?

I chose Farmingdale State College because of its major and also the heart welcoming I received from Coach Daniela who is an amazing person with a big heart. She is always caring for us and asking how we are doing. I am blessed and grateful to have had such a coach.


What advice would you give to incoming freshmen about college athletics and Farmingdale State?

The advice I would give to the incoming freshmen is to do your college work as soon as possible because it will make your life easier and it will be less stressful. Always listen to your coach and never be afraid of getting out of your comfort zone. Being a student-athlete is a great responsibility because you represent the college; therefore, be smart and wise with your decisions. Never be afraid to ask for help and advice.


What have you learned throughout your time at Farmingdale?

What I learned throughout my time at Farmingdale State College is that it is not about winning rather it is a journey you have with your team. I learned a great lesson from my coaches and friends which helped me become a responsible and strong person. Competing at track meets helped me develop confidence which helps me become a better person. On-campus, I met new people and made new friends who taught me a great lesson about friendship.


What was your favorite college experience outside of athletics?

My favorite college experience outside of athletics was being with my friends and family. These memories will last forever and it made me a better person so I would never exchange them for anything. I think it is fair to say if you are a commuter that this is my least favorite part outside of athletics. Learning about my major was also one of my favorite moments outside of athletics.


What do you plan on doing after Farmingdale State? Do you have any post-graduation plans yet?

I thought this journey would never end but it did before I realized it. I plan to still compete in the sport I love and be with a friend to make it more memorable. I will also try to look for a job in my field and I hope to make an app that will help athletes and coaches with the sport. The main goal is to help others and give back to the community. Never the less, I want to keep on learning about my major which will help me with my future.