Senior Spotlight: Kayla Reidy

Senior Spotlight: Kayla Reidy

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the cancellation of the spring season, the Farmingdale State Athletic Department is spotlighting senior student-athletes during this unprecedented time.

Kayla Reidy is a Nursing major and four-year member of the Farmingdale State women's tennis team.


1. Describe your experience as a student-athlete at Farmingdale State?

My experience being a student-athlete at Farmingdale has been absolutely amazing! I have learned so much about myself and my team from playing tennis at this college. I have had the best coaches, Coach Waterhouse and Coach Hume, and the best teammates anyone could ask for. I know that I will never forget my time here and I am thankful that I had such a great experience.


2. What was your favorite moment of being a student-athlete at FSC?

My favorite moment being student-athlete at Farmingdale was winning the Skyline Championship last fall. My team and I practiced incredibly hard so it was great seeing all of our hard work payoff. In my freshman year, we made it to Nationals, but never made it back until my senior year. It was nice to start and finish my college tennis career by winning the Skyline.


3. What made you choose Farmingdale State College?

I choose Farmingdale because they had an excellent nursing program and the college is close to my house. Also, when I was a senior in high school, I went to a tennis showcase and got to meet Coach Hume. He was by far the best coach I met and after meeting him, I knew that Farmingdale was the perfect place for me.


4. What advice would you give to incoming freshmen about college athletics and Farmingdale State?

I would tell incoming freshmen that if they are trying out for athletics, they most definitely should do it. Farmingdale is a large commuter school, but being on a team gives you a family. Athletics is like its own little community at the college and I loved being part of it. Also, I found that when I was in-season, my time-management skills were so much better since there was no time to procrastinate.


5. What have you learned throughout your time at Farmingdale?

Throughout my time at Farmingdale, I have learned a lot about myself, especially with time management and balance. I learned how to work hard on the tennis court, in the classroom, and at clinical. I learned how to be a good leader since I was captain for three years and should always push myself and others.


6. What was your favorite college experience outside of athletics?

My favorite experience outside of athletics was hanging out with my friends when possible. I have made so many endless memories at Farmingdale. I dormed my first two years here and made a very good group of friends, so I loved living with them in our suite and eating meals together at POP's dining. I know that these four years will probably be the best of my life.


7. What do you plan on doing after Farmingdale State? Do you have any post-graduation plans yet?

After graduating Farmingdale State, I will hopefully be working as a pediatric nurse at Stony Brook Hospital and possibly furthering my degree in a few years. In between graduating and getting hired at a hospital, I plan to relax and hang out with my friends as much as I possibly can.