Meet the Coach: Adam Waterhouse

Meet the Coach image with pictures of Adam Waterhouse and women's tennis student-athletes.

Farmingdale, N.Y. - The Farmingdale State Sports Informaton Department is starting a new series titled "Meet the Coach". Over the next few months we will feature our 12 head coaches for you to learn more about. Today we will be featuring Head Men's and Women's Tennis Coach Adam Waterhouse.

Coach Waterhouse joined the staff at Farmingdale State in the fall of 2006. He started both the men's and women's tennis programs and had them ready to compete in their first varsity seasons during the 2007-08 academic year.

Coach Waterhouse has led the men's team to three Skyline Conference Titles (2011, 2012, 2013) and the women's team to five championships (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2019). He has also been named Skyline Conference Coach of the Year eight times.


We asked Coach to answer a few questions:

How did you get into coaching?

Prior to becoming a teacher, I had been working as a part-time tennis pro. When I was offered a full time position at Plainedge High School in 1988, I was asked if I would be interested in coaching the varsity boy's tennis team. The coach had resigned and I was happy to accept the position. A few months later the varsity girl's tennis coach needed to step down and asked me if I would be interested. I was and for the next 20 years coached both the boy's and girl's teams.


What is your favorite coaching moment(s) of your career?

We have been fortunate to have won several Skyline Conference championships, but nothing is more memorable then the first men's and women's title. Winning a round at the National Championships with the men's tennis team is also right up there. Another amazing moment was seeing the completion of the tennis facility at FSC. It was and still is the best tennis complex in the Skyline Conference.


What makes Farmingdale State such a great place to work? 

When I found out FSC was looking to start a men's and women's tennis program, I put together a resume and applied for the position. Meeting with Mike Harrington and Rich Hume during the interview was my first indicator as to how special FSC would be. They made me feel at home and that feeling has continued to grow over the past 13 seasons. The stability of the administration at FSC has created an environment where coaches can succeed.


What would you consider your greatest accomplishment as a coach? 

This is a tough question. Starting the tennis program from scratch at FSC, taking it from club status to DIII status in one year has to be my top accomplishment. All other accomplishments would not have been possible without it. Having early success helped bring in more and more talented players. Since the beginning, both the men's and women's tennis teams have been a contender for the conference title.


How would you best describe your coaching style?

My coaching style mirrors the style of my tennis coach in college, John Glinksi. He was able to get his players to listen, without yelling. He was able to motivate his players by genuinely caring about us and the sport. I'd like to think that my style is similar. Hopefully by gaining the respect of my players through hard work, paying attention, having a ton of fun and remembering that college athletics always takes a backseat to academics.


What are the values of your program? 

Tennis is an individual sport and to get the players to come together as a team is important. At the beginning of every season, I inform the players of our team core values. We are here to compete, we are here to work hard and improve, we are here to support one another and most importantly we are here to have fun. I want my athletes to enjoy this brief period of time in their lives. Seeing smiles at practice and games is a good indication that all is well. I also expect my athletes to succeed in the classroom.


Coach Waterhouse also went on to say "A successful tennis program at FSC can not happen without support. The entire administration at FSC has always been so helpful and I am so grateful. Having a reliable assistant coach has also proven to be the last piece of the puzzle for our tennis program. I have had many excellent assistant coaches over the years, but when Coach Hume became assistant several years ago, it brought everything together. I look forward to many more enjoyable years coaching at FSC."