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Farmingdale State Men's Basketball Farmingdale State Game-by-Game Highs (as of May 31, 2007) All games Opponent Date Score WL POINTS REBOUNDS ASSISTS STEALS BLOCKED SHOTS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ vs Berkeley College 11/18/06 90-29 W 18-Menefee, Terr 9-McCabe, Sean 4-Menefee, Terr 6-Denully, Shan 2-Seible, Bobby Seible, Bobby at Ramapo College 11/19/06 65-70 L 14-Menefee, Terr 7-Santana, Dami 2-Denully, Shan 5-Santana, Dami 1-Robinson, Bri Lipka, Peter Riss, Richard CENTENARY 12/02/06 98-57 W 15-Robinson, Bri 9-Jackson, Davo 4-Riss, Richard 3-Riss, Richard 1-Jackson, Davo Robinson, Bri Santana, Dami at Yeshiva University 12/06/06 57-55 W 25-Santana, Dami 9-Robinson, Bri 4-Menefee, Terr 2-Santana, Dami 1-McCabe, Sean Menefee, Terr at Mount Saint Vincent 12/09/06 83-70 W 16-Riss, Richard 9-Robinson, Bri 5-Denully, Shan 2-Robinson, Bri 1-McCabe, Sean Seible, Bobby at Staten Island 12/11/06 81-77 W 29-Lipka, Peter 10-Robinson, Bri 6-Denully, Shan 3-Robinson, Bri 1-Seible, Bobby Robinson, Bri at Rutgers-Newark 12/14/06 87-93 L 13-Denully, Shan 5-Seible, Bobby 3-Denully, Shan 2-Bass, Merlin 1-Howard, Terre Denully, Shan Santana, Dami Jackson, Davo Denully, Shan Cammarata, Jo Canning, Tom NEW JERSEY CITY 12/16/06 83-78 W 19-Santana, Dami 11-Robinson, Bri 7-Denully, Shan 2-Santana, Dami 2-Robinson, Bri Riss, Richard Jackson, Davo vs Alice Lloyd (Ky.) 01/05/07 63-73 L 19-Riss, Richard 7-Canning, Tom 3-Riss, Richard 2-Jackson, Davo 2-Seible, Bobby Gener Jr., Jo vs Husson (Maine) 01/06/07 60-57 W 10-Santana, Dami 11-Canning, Tom 7-Denully, Shan 2-Denully, Shan 2-Seible, Bobby at Maritime College 01/10/07 77-62 W 27-Santana, Dami 8-Seible, Bobby 7-Denully, Shan 2-Santana, Dami 2-Seible, Bobby MERCHANT MARINE 01/13/07 78-66 W 18-Santana, Dami 9-Robinson, Bri 5-Denully, Shan 2-Denully, Shan None at St. Joseph's-LI 01/18/07 81-64 W 13-Santana, Dami 8-Robinson, Bri 7-Denully, Shan 2-Bass, Merlin 1-Jackson, Davo Santana, Dami at Manhattanville 01/20/07 69-70 L 20-Santana, Dami 5-Seible, Bobby 5-Riss, Richard 1-Canning, Tom 1-Robinson, Bri Santana, Dami Denully, Shan Menefee, Terr Bass, Merlin Menefee, Terr Lipka, Peter OLD WESTBURY 01/24/07 69-92 L 15-Lipka, Peter 6-Canning, Tom 2-Denully, Shan 3-Menefee, Terr 4-Seible, Bobby McCabe, Sean Bass, Merlin Seible, Bobby Lipka, Peter MOUNT SAINT MARY 01/27/07 81-84 L 24-Santana, Dami 7-Jackson, Davo 2-Menefee, Terr 3-Santana, Dami 1-Seible, Bobby Seible, Bobby Cammarata, Jo Jackson, Davo Lipka, Peter at Stevens 01/30/07 81-85 L 27-Lipka, Peter 8-McCabe, Sean 4-Bass, Merlin 3-Menefee, Terr 1-Seible, Bobby YESHIVA 02/01/07 64-60 W 20-Lipka, Peter 7-Canning, Tom 5-Denully, Shan 2-Menefee, Terr None Canning, Tom at Centenary Cyclones 02/03/07 86-66 W 21-Santana, Dami 7-Robinson, Bri 5-Bass, Merlin 2-Lipka, Peter 1-Menefee, Terr Seible, Bobby McCabe, Sean CITY TECH 02/05/07 83-61 W 20-Menefee, Terr 7-Canning, Tom 4-Lipka, Peter 3-Lipka, Peter 2-Canning, Tom Santana, Dami MARITIME 02/07/07 100-68 W 17-Santana, Dami 8-Denully, Shan 7-Cammarata, Jo 2-Santana, Dami 1-Seible, Bobby Denully, Shan MANHATTANVILLE 02/10/07 61-71 L 13-Seible, Bobby 12-Robinson, Bri 5-Robinson, Bri 3-Bass, Merlin 1-Gary, Tremain Seible, Bobby at Baruch Bearcats 02/12/07 79-69 W 22-Santana, Dami 8-Gener Jr., Jo 5-Denully, Shan 2-Canning, Tom 2-Robinson, Bri Robinson, Bri
Farmingdale State Men's Basketball Farmingdale State Game-by-Game Highs (as of May 31, 2007) All games Opponent Date Score WL POINTS REBOUNDS ASSISTS STEALS BLOCKED SHOTS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ at Mount Saint Mary 02/15/07 75-69 W 13-Santana, Dami 10-Canning, Tom 5-Menefee, Terr 4-Bass, Merlin 2-Canning, Tom MOUNT SAINT VINCENT 02/17/07 112-58 W 17-Santana, Dami 6-Santana, Dami 8-Denully, Shan 3-Menefee, Terr 1-Menefee, Terr Seible, Bobby ST. JOSEPH'S 02/20/07 74-72 W 20-Santana, Dami 9-Santana, Dami 5-Lipka, Peter 3-Santana, Dami 1-Robinson, Bri Menefee, Terr at Manhattanville 02/22/07 76-93 L 22-Lipka, Peter 7-Robinson, Bri 3-Lipka, Peter 2-Denully, Shan 1-Seible, Bobby Canning, Tom Bass, Merlin Seible, Bobby Denully, Shan at Rutgers-Newark 02/28/07 73-82 L 21-Santana, Dami 6-Santana, Dami 4-Robinson, Bri 3-Santana, Dami 3-Robinson, Bri Robinson, Bri Santana, Dami