Athletics Spotlight with Nicholas Rooney: Softball's Kimberly Basile

Kimberly Basile catching the ball at home plate, getting ready to tag runner
Kimberly Basile

Farmingdale, N.Y. Farmingdale State athletic department intern, Nicholas Rooney, provides us with his second feature story of the semester. Nicholas interviewed Kimberly Basile, a senior on the softball team. Read his story below.

In 2019, the Farmingdale State Softball Team captured its seventh Skyline Conference Championship. It was their first since 2015, and the Rams will be looking to senior catcher Kimberly Basile to help lead them in their defense of the Skyline Title.

Kimberly began playing softball at the early age of five with her sisters. Her sisters were her biggest influence when it came to choosing softball over another sport. Kimberly did play volleyball in high school along with softball but told me that softball has always been her more serious sport. 

After having a rough start to her time as a high school softball player, Kimberly began to find success, and her previous love for the sport, during her junior year. When I asked her when she knew she wanted to play softball in college she told me, "Around junior, senior year of high school. I never fell out of love with softball but I definitely didn't know if I wanted to play fully in the beginning of high school. I didn't have a great high school experience in the beginning but towards the end it rekindled my fire for softball." Kimberly then decided to reach out to Farmingdale State's head softball coach at the time, Chris Mooney, who she had already met previously at a tournament. Kimberly knew some girls that went to Farmingdale to play softball and knew she wanted to come to the school for academics.

Kimberly had a great first impression of the softball team when her freshman year began. She told me, "All the girls were fun and made it really welcoming to be on the team. The coaches never made it where you were afraid to make errors and they also made it very welcoming and accepting of everyone on the team." I then asked her if her freshman year was what she expected it to be. "Not what I expected it to be", she said. "After a couple injuries on the team, I ended up being the only catcher. It was a big adjustment to catching four games in a weekend. Coming in as a little freshman, now a starter catching all the games was a big adjustment." Kimberly credits the coaching staff at Farmingdale for helping her quickly adjust to not only the college level but also to being a starter in just her first year. She told me she has taken everything she learned from the coaches and her playing time as a freshman and applied it throughout her career.

Now with the 2020 season starting up, Kimberly believes that this year's team has the right attitude and work ethic to win the Skyline Championship again. She told me, "I think we're on a good track so far. We all have a good head space right now. We're all working hard at practice doing all of the extra drills and running that our coaches brought in. We're taking everything a lot more seriously, which is good, but we also have our fun side which will help us maintain our attitude to win Skyline." The Rams will begin their defense of the Skyline Championship on March 28th against their first conference opponent of 2020, Manhattanville.