Farmingdale State - Game Highs and Lows

Farmingdale State

Game Highs and Lows

Game Highs Summary


Game-by-Game Highs


Opponent  Points  Rebounds  Assists  Steals  Blocked shots 
vs York College   24-Blakney, Kimb  8-Blakney, Kimb  8-Chappel, Juan  7-Blakney, Kimb  1-Miller, Kamay 
   11/20/09                             Blakney, Kimb 
   W 72-45 
at SUNY New Paltz   25-Blakney, Kimb  7-Cunningham,Do  1-Miller, Kamay  12-Blakney, Kimb  1-Monah, Janel 
   11/21/09                 Chappel, Juan           Miller, Kamay 
   W 69-63                 Blakney, Kimb           Holman, Quian 
ST. JOSEPH'S   19-Blakney, Kimb  12-Blakney, Kimb  5-Chappel, Juan  3-Zubizarreta,J  3-Blakney, Kimb 
   12/01/09                       Blakney, Kimb       
   W 78-65                       Miller, Kamay       
                          Chappel, Juan       
                          Steward, Tiff       
at New Jersey City University   11-Cunningham,Do  11-Miller, Kamay  5-Chappel, Juan  8-Miller, Kamay  2-Cunningham,Do 
   12/03/09     Miller, Kamay                       Miller, Kamay 
   W 58-48 
at The Sage Colleges   28-Blakney, Kimb  9-Blakney, Kimb  4-Chappel, Juan  8-Blakney, Kimb  1-Blakney, Kimb 
   W 71-58 
at Yeshiva University   33-Blakney, Kimb  15-Blakney, Kimb  3-Zubizarreta,J  4-Blakney, Kimb  4-Blakney, Kimb 
   12/09/09                 Matthias, Ali             
   W 98-49 
vs Connecticut Col.   24-Blakney, Kimb  16-Blakney, Kimb  5-Chappel, Juan  7-Blakney, Kimb  2-Blakney, Kimb 
   01/02/10                 Miller, Kamay             
   W 69-55 
vs SUNY Inst. of Technology   32-Blakney, Kimb  19-Blakney, Kimb  6-Chappel, Juan  7-Blakney, Kimb  2-Blakney, Kimb 
   W 61-54 
NYU-POLY   27-Blakney, Kimb  11-Blakney, Kimb  2-Monah, Janel  6-Blakney, Kimb  2-Blakney, Kimb 
   01/05/10                 Chappel, Juan     Chappel, Juan       
   W 77-50 
BARD COLLEGE   18-Blakney, Kimb  9-Hooks, Shemiq  3-Green, Nikita  6-Blakney, Kimb  3-Blakney, Kimb 
   01/09/10           Blakney, Kimb     Miller, Kamay             
   W 63-39 
Opponent  Points  Rebounds  Assists  Steals  Blocked shots 
MOUNT SAINT VINCENT   41-Blakney, Kimb  17-Blakney, Kimb  5-Miller, Kamay  7-Blakney, Kimb  2-Blakney, Kimb 
   WO 98-96 
at Old Westbury Panthers   28-Blakney, Kimb  13-Miller, Kamay  8-Chappel, Juan  3-Blakney, Kimb  5-Blakney, Kimb 
   01/14/10           Blakney, Kimb           Chappel, Juan       
   W 89-75 
MOUNT SAINT MARY   29-Blakney, Kimb  10-Blakney, Kimb  5-Chappel, Juan  6-Miller, Kamay  4-Blakney, Kimb 
   W 72-57 
CITY TECH   25-Blakney, Kimb  6-Blakney, Kimb  5-Chappel, Juan  7-Blakney, Kimb  None 
   W 92-48 
at Purchase College   22-Blakney, Kimb  13-Blakney, Kimb  3-Chappel, Juan  7-Blakney, Kimb  1-Koch, Kayla 
   01/19/10                 Green, Nikita             
   W 73-38 
at St. Joseph's   27-Blakney, Kimb  15-Blakney, Kimb  5-Blakney, Kimb  10-Blakney, Kimb  4-Blakney, Kimb 
   W 81-64 
THE SAGE COLLEGES   30-Blakney, Kimb  9-Blakney, Kimb  3-Chappel, Juan  8-Blakney, Kimb  2-Blakney, Kimb 
   01/23/10                 Blakney, Kimb             
   W 95-55 
at Mount Saint Vincent   24-Blakney, Kimb  11-Blakney, Kimb  2-Chappel, Juan  4-Blakney, Kimb  1-Green, Nikita 
   01/30/10                 Monah, Janel           Blakney, Kimb 
   W 69-68                 Miller, Kamay             
                    Green, Nikita             
at NYU-Poly   30-Blakney, Kimb  14-Blakney, Kimb  4-Blakney, Kimb  6-Blakney, Kimb  1-Blakney, Kimb 
   W 88-80 
OLD WESTBURY PANTHERS   24-Blakney, Kimb  26-Blakney, Kimb  2-Blakney, Kimb  6-Miller, Kamay  3-Miller, Kamay 
   02/11/10                 Steward, Tiff             
   W 71-65 
Opponent  Points  Rebounds  Assists  Steals  Blocked shots 
at Bard College   21-Blakney, Kimb  12-Miller, Kamay  5-Blakney, Kimb  4-Blakney, Kimb  3-Blakney, Kimb 
   02/13/10                       Chappel, Juan       
   W 69-43 
YESHIVA UNIVERSITY   17-Zubizarreta,J  10-Smith, Tiara  6-Blakney, Kimb  5-Blakney, Kimb  2-Holman, Quian 
   02/14/10                       Matthias, Ali     Hooks, Shemiq 
   W 95-39 
PURCHASE COLLEGE   31-Blakney, Kimb  18-Blakney, Kimb  4-Steward, Tiff  7-Blakney, Kimb  2-Blakney, Kimb 
   W 72-68 
at Mount Saint Mary   19-Blakney, Kimb  11-Blakney, Kimb  1-Miller, Kamay  4-Blakney, Kimb  2-Blakney, Kimb 
   02/20/10                 Blakney, Kimb             
   L 43-68                 Hooks, Shemiq             
                    Holman, Quian             
PURCHASE COLLEGE   27-Blakney, Kimb  6-Cunningham,Do  5-Chappel, Juan  11-Blakney, Kimb  2-Blakney, Kimb 
   02/27/10           Miller, Kamay                   
   W 79-55           Blakney, Kimb                   
MOUNT SAINT MARY   16-Blakney, Kimb  11-Miller, Kamay  2-Chappel, Juan  4-Miller, Kamay  4-Blakney, Kimb 
   02/28/10                 Blakney, Kimb             
   W 67-58 
vs Gettysburg College   29-Blakney, Kimb  10-Blakney, Kimb  4-Chappel, Juan  6-Blakney, Kimb  1-Blakney, Kimb 
   03/05/10                             Chappel, Juan 
   L 57-68                             Miller, Kamay