Rams Edge Baruch for Non-Conference WIn

Rams Edge Baruch for Non-Conference WIn

Farmingdale State - 5, Baruch College - 4

Farmingdale, N.Y. - The Farmingdale State women's tennis team defeated Baruch College 5-4 in a non-conference match on Friday afternoon. The Rams improve to 2-1 overall, while the Bearcats fall to 1-2.

After doubles play, Farmingdale State led 2-1 and would find three more wins in the singles competitions from Massapequa Park natives Jessica Sickles, Alex Bentz and Denise Liguori to take the victory.

The Rams will now host Staten Island on Saturday, September 15 at 1:00 p.m.


Singles competition
1. Sickles, Jessica (FSCW) def. Correia, Patricia G. (BARUCH) 8-2
2. Bentz, Alex (FSCW) def. A. Le Goupil-Maier (BARUCH) 8-6
3. Jennifer Mukofsky (BARUCH) def. Earlie, Laura (FSCW) 8-1
4. Liguori, Denise (FSCW) def. Komar, Anna (BARUCH) 8-4
5. Kurner, Lisa (BARUCH) def. Tomasulo, Rachel (FSCW) 8-2
6. Naraine, Amanda (BARUCH) def. Vecchio, Amanda (FSCW) 8-2
Doubles competition
1. Bentz, Alex/Sickles, Jessica (FSCW) def. A. Le Goupil-Maier/Correia, Patricia G. (BARUCH) 8-6
2. Kurner, Lisa/Jennifer Mukofsky (BARUCH) def. Liguori, Denise/Earlie, Laura (FSCW) 9-8 (7-5)
3. Josma, Vanessa/Vecchio, Amanda (FSCW) def. Naraine, Amanda/Kogan, Marianna (BARUCH) 8-6
Match Notes
Baruch College Bearcats 1-2
Farmingdale State 2-1
T-2:00 A-30